The top 5 reasons to visit Gozo during low season!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend just a night in beautiful Gozo, Malta’s little sister island. I truly love Gozo. It’s quiet (especially in the low season of course), greener than Malta, has some magnificent views to share, and offers a range of fantastic eateries which dare to compete with the best of Maltese restaurants, if I do say so myself. Most tourists and locals alike love to visit the island during peak season, that is, late spring and early summer, to make most of their Gozo experience by visiting a beach or two. Saying that, I know quite a few people, myself included, who simply adore Gozo during winter and early spring. Here are the top five perks of visiting Gozo during low season.

  1. It’s QUIET!

    Gozo during the winter (barring the Carnival festivities) and early spring months can be described using one word: PEACEFUL. The place is extremely quiet, with much less visitors when compared to the summer months. There are no crowds, no queues to the museums and attractions and there is little to no traffic on the roads.  Dining out is also a joy, with no overcrowding or hurried, hasty service in restaurants. Getting a ferry ride is also less of a hassle as there are fewer people crossing the channel from Malta. If you like the quiet, the island is definitely for you. IMG_5720.jpg

  2. It’s GREENER!

    Gozo is less commercially developed than Malta, with much less industrial areas and buildings, and generally much greener surroundings. This is especially true during the winter season as the island’s rolling hills get a lush, green, velvety carpet of dense grass, making for some stunning views. There’s nothing quite like a cool breeze and the smell of fresh, green grass and wet soil. ❤ You’re also more likely to see some of the island’s natural wildlife during early spring due to more abundant running waters and increased vegetation.  IMG_5754.jpg

  3. Accommodation is much cheaper!

    Accommodation on the island is so much cheaper during the winter season! Most hotels and B&Bs rent out their rooms for up to half their peak season prices. You’re also more likely to find the better rooms in hotels still available during low season, unlike during peak season, where availability is not only quite pricey, but also scarce if not booked in advance! I truly enjoyed my stay at Bed & Breakfast Murella Living during my last visit. The rooms are beautifully decorated and very well furnished with comfortable beds and pillows and good air conditioning, the receptionist was friendly and welcoming, and the place was spotless! Free wifi is available throughout the building and although I did not get to experience breakfast, I’m told it’s delicious. Have a look at their website. They’re reasonably priced and located only a few meters away from the Marsalforn seafront (and 2 km away from the Marsalforn Salt Pans – a lovely, scenic walk!). IMG_5741.jpg

  4. Fantastic Trekking and other Outdoor Adventure Activities

    Our mild winters make for great trekking opportunities, especially if you’re lucky enough to get sunny weather (we’ve got around 300 days of sun on the islands, so don’t worry, you’re likely to get a nice sunny stay!). Some fantastic places for a country walk include the Ta’ Cenc Cliffs (head towards Ta’ Kantra while you’re there to see the beautiful inlet of Mġarr ix-Xini), Xlendi Valley, Ta’ Gordan, the Marsalforn Saltpans and Wied il-Għasri and Dahlet Qorrot. You can find more trekking info on the following link: Make sure to carry a light, wind/water proof jacket and some good trekking shoes with you, as well as a bottle of water! Other activities which are better experienced during the low season include cycling around the island, abseiling and climbing/bouldering. IMG_5627

  5. Better photos!!!

    The number one perk to visiting Gozo during the winter season? Incredible scenery,  making for the best Gozo photography! Lush, green hills, vibrant, clear skies and volatile, moody seas make for the most dramatic backdrops for that perfect shot! So, with such a variety of scenes to shoot, easy accessibility (either by car or by walk) to most locations and less crowds on the island, you’re sure to get some amazing snapshots of your stay!IMG_5692

And there you have it! My five reasons to visit Gozo during low season! Summer does have its perks of course. The beaches on the island are amazing, and there’s definitely more going on during the peak season. Saying that, if you are a fan of the peaceful scene, with a penchant for breezy, scenic walks and quiet, cosy nights, the low season is definitely the time for you!


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