Gluten Free Sliced Cheese

Weird title right??

Well, I needed to have a little bit of a rant so I decided to share my non travel feelings with the world today… Now, as most of you might know, I am a coeliac… An OFFICIAL coeliac! That’s right… No intolerances, no ‘allergies’… I am a fully fledged, official, run of the mill, Coeliac. Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune disease, and us Coaliacs cannot eat foods containing gluten… It causes an Autoimmune reaction in our small intestine, makes us very sick, sometimes immediately after ingesting the gluten, but most often causing irreparable damage to our digestive tract if left undiagnosed and incorrectly treated… I’ve been a coeliac for about 15 years now… I follow a gluten free diet, I cook gluten free food, I buy gluten free products! Saying that, I get very, VERY angry when people imply that naturally gluten free items, such as butter, eggs, unprocessed meat etc, contain gluten!

Was just browsing Facebook and a woman posted a photo of a particular brand of sliced cheese on a local “gluten free” website, asking if the cheese is gluten free…

IT’S CHEESE!!! YES, IT’S GLUTEN FREE!!! I wanted to yell at this woman! I mean come on, it’s a piece of cheese! Anyway, a genius promptly answered this woman telling her that NO, the cheese is NOT gluten free!!! WHY?? Please, enlighten me!! At this point I was simmering, this stuff really pissed me off… Decided to just be a good girl and Google the brand, just to make sure their products are safe… I did… The company actually stated the cheese is fine, it contains no gluten (because… duh… it’s cheese), so OK, commented on the post, sharing a screen shot of the company’s statement saying the cheese is fine… This is when things got hilarious… I got a response from another guy saying the cheese isn’t labelled as gluten free, so it MIGHT be contaminated!!! Best be safe and buy a gluten free, dairy free product instead (of course, he shared a photo of the brand he is promoting, telling the woman to ask for it at her local supermarket). It costs three times the price of normal sliced cheese, and isn’t even cheese but a dairy free, “cheese-style” product!! I replied… Told him the normal sliced cheese is fine… He said NO! We need to be safe and buy only GF labelled products!! I mean, what kind of miserable life is this person leading?? You can’t just go around thinking your food is out to kill you!! You shouldn’t just stick to buying ‘gluten free’ labelled food products! No wonder people complain about a gluten free diet being so expensive! You should not just assume everything must be contaminated!

Cheese is OK! Please, just stop spreading this ‘gluten free’ hysteria! It’s so harmful to us Coeliacs and is absolutely stupid! If you’re unsure about a product being gluten free, Google it… EU regulations require any food producing company/brand to type any allergens (including gluten) in BOLD on the ingredients label… If you don’t see GLUTEN on there… It’s usually fine; if you’re unsure, once again… GOOGLE IT! Some common sense is essential of course… But go on… You can do it!!!

Here is a website for those who want to know more about Coeliac Disease…

And please, before just saying something is not Gluten Free, think… If you’re not sure, just do a little research… Stop hyping it up and scaring people…

Ok… I feel slightly better now…. Oh to eat a GF sandwich with my “normal” sliced cheese….

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