Snippets from an Andalusian Adventure

Hi everyone, just got back on the island and I’m ready to share some info about my latest trip to beautiful Spain! I’ve always wanted to visit the south of Spain. I’m in love with Arabic style and design, so this trip was really just a dream. Andalusia is full of beautiful architecture, as it was under the Arabic influence until the end of the 15th century, so I got to see some amazing sights, which sometimes got me wondering… Am I in Europe, or have I finally made it to North Africa or the Middle East?? Granada is especially Moorish in style and design. So exotic! ❤

Here are just a few snapshots of the trip. Took these with my trusty iPhone camera. I did carry around my SLR, so I will be adding photos and travel information as time goes by. One thing is for sure, this another one for any traveller’s bucket list! Would I visit again? In a heartbeat! Spain is huge! There’s so much to see, and I had too little time to see it (spent only a week there)!

Hope you enjoy the photos!










As I already mentioned, will be giving more details about my latest travels in more posts in the near future. This is just a taster of the amazing time I had in beautiful Andalusia.

Keep an eye on the blog or the Facebook Page for more, and remember to share this with your friends! 😉


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