Cambodian Day Dreams

I was going through some photos from earlier this year and I got to reminiscing about my time spent in Cambodia. I haven’t written about it yet, but I should, and I will! Soon!

Angkor Wat

I must admit, I didn’t immediately fall in love with the country. It’s crowded, the cities are hectic and absolutely crazy, and it can be very dirty in certain areas; mostly because of a poor waste management system, leading to the accumulation of plastic and other non-degradable waste products in the more populated areas. Phnom Penh was overwhelming. All those cars, tuk-tuks, motorcycles, bikes EVERYWHERE! Chaos and micro traumas every time I had to cross the road! It was a bit of a shock after having spent the previous two weeks in serene and mega-chilled Laos. Sihanoukville and Otres were also disappointing… So much plastic waste, too many crowds. The weather wasn’t very helpful either, which could have contributed to my slight melancholy.

Yes, of course, the Angkor Wat is amazing. So are the several other temples and ruins around the country. Phnom Kulen National Park was also absolutely breathtaking, and Kep and Kampot had loads of that gorgeous, South-East Asian charm. So yes, I did end up falling in love with Cambodia just the same…



Still, its days like this which really made the place truly special…

In the final week of our travels around the country, we finally settled down for a few days in good old quiet Kep and Kampot, on the southern tip of Cambodia.

We had just spent a whole day just enjoying the beautiful island of Kaoh Tonsay, also referred to as Rabbit Island (there aren’t any rabbits there, so don’t get all excited). It’s such a wonderful little island.

No electricity, no roads, no technology, just sun, sea, sand, lots of friendly cats and pups to play with, and the occasional boat passing by. This island is all about taking in the sun, goofing around in the warm ocean, maybe reading a couple of pages from that worn out novel you’ve been carrying around with you, and just appreciating the simple joys of island life.


Anyway, after our day of lounging and just enjoying each other’s company, we decided to visit Kep’s famous crab market for dinner. I had the Kep crab, of course, cooked in Kampot peppers, another local delicacy. Ended the day just drinking a glass of wine, and enjoying this stunning sunset scene. It was a truly blissful day… The best company, delicious food, and a magnificent sunset…


What more could a girl ask of Cambodia?


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