Some Photos of Home…

I love travelling… Think all of you are starting to notice that by now!

Even so, as much as I love leaving this little island I call home, I love returning to it time and time again. Malta is small, overcrowded and loud; it is also a beautiful, warm, magical island, with lots of history, character, tradition and kind hearted (and nosy – yes, it is OUR WAY, deal with it!!!), happy people. It’s tourist season now, so we are at our best, and our worst… Traffic is a nightmare, beaches are overcrowded and service in restaurants slower and more hectic. Even so, it’s still a good place to be. It’s sunny, fun and friendly with lots of things to do and some great places to visit!

Today I read a review this random guy posted on Reddit bashing Malta (yes, apparently we’re all ugly, unhappy, racist apes – the country looks horrible and smells worse than shit!!!)   – here’s a link to this genius’ review, I can tell he’s due literary award in the near future so please, check his work out! Divine writing skills with a splash of illiteracy (we’re Maltese not Malteese, numbnuts!! If you’re gonna diss a whole nation, the least you can do is spell their nationality right!)! Still can’t believe he hasn’t been snatched up by Lonely Planet yet!

Genius Review about Malta – this guy is such a sweetheart ❤

He seems like a miserable little man with too much sadness in his life and not enough love. So… I thought I would share some photos of my home, just to show everyone this place isn’t all that bad 🙂 Or is it????

We have lousy beaches…


San Blas 2014

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 15.15.38

The Beach copy

Even lousier weather (it’s too hot for a swim anyway…)





Maltese traditions and culture suck… So does the architecture!







And there is basically nothing to see or do on this little, tiny island!!


lighthouse ta Gordan

Bahar Ic-Caghaq 4

IMG_9594 small

Why, oh why, would anyone want to visit such a place!!! 😐

Visit this poor fella’s review, have a read…. I’m starting to think he visited some other island and failed to realise he wasn’t in Malta!!!

Much love.






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