An evening stroll through Mdina – the Silent City.

Mdina holds a special place in my heart. Not only is it Malta’s magnificent ancient capital city; one of the most beautiful cities in Europe (in my humble opinion), chock full of history, tradition and mystery.. It’s also a place I visited often as a child.

Mdina II

My grandfather used to work as a care taker of one of the moat gardens just outside the bastions you see, and occasionally (a special treat for us), my sister and I used to 21617041_10156226082119749_1956311607_oaccompany him for the day. Nannu was the best baby sitter ever! I just loved the old orange trees, the low hum of the honey bees and the multitude of stray kittens I befriended on my visits. I remember warm summer days playing on the swings next to the entrance of the old city, exploring the cool, winding streets of Mdina when the sun became too hot… I especially loved the ornate doors of the city, and those gorgeous, over the top knockers!!

During our visits we were even allowed to see the museums just within the city walls for free, my favourite was always the Natural History Museum… I was fascinated by the 21584050_10156226081789749_1450466087_omultitude of stuffed animals there! It seemed so big to me, and so strange! My grandpa had connections, usually involving bartering of fruit with guards for free admission… It was a long time ago! Things were more informal back then… And Nannu is very friendly and charming… So we always had special treatment around the area. I used to love it there… Still do… Those memories I will cherish till the end of my days for sure…


It had been over a year since I’d visited the ‘silent city’… So yesterday’s evening stroll and dinner was a very welcome treat. Didn’t carry by camera around with me, out of sheer laziness really… But took some photos with my iPhone which I’ve decided to share with you all… They’re nothing special, but bring back the nostalgia and fond memories that are Mdina…




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