Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before…

No, the Dalai Lama did NOT say this, even though this quote is splattered all over the internet, with his name written right beneath it. It’s actually part of a chain letter called “Instructions for Life” that worked its way around the Internet in 1999!!! Doesn’t mean these aren’t wise words though! We should all see someplace new, at least once a year.


Travel isn’t just about seeing new places, meeting new people and exploring new cultures. It’s about that and so much more. It’s all about experiencing something which is totally different from your day to day life. It’s about letting go of your daily routines, and stepping into a new adventure, be it a fast paced, exciting escapade or a more languid, laid back voyage to a new place. Whichever the case, travel keeps you young through wonder. It awakens your inner child, always questioning, always curious, enthusiastic and yearning for more…


I’ve been craving a new trip since returning from Cambodia and Laos, but it seems I’m stuck on the island for the time being… Until September that is!

Which new place are you visiting this year?? I’d love to know! Maybe I can live vicariously through you guys and visit places I’ve never seen before!

2 thoughts on “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before…

    1. Been to both, although I’ve only visited Oslo in Norway… Gorgeous city! Both are absolutely fantastic, but I would say Norway definitely has the most beautiful scenery. Enjoy your travels!

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