A Study in Green


“Green is the primary color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”

Pedro Calderón de la Barca


I love my cacti and succulents. My little terrace gets LOTS of wind exposure during the winter months, so nothing I used to plant there survived long. When my boyfriend moved in, in 2016, the small area outside my living room had turned into a barren wasteland of empty, broken pots, with remnants of what used to be plants just a few months earlier. I must admit, I had neglected the area during the winter season (I don’t like the wind). Tony took it upon himself to rehabilitate the area (he’s definitely the one with the green fingers), turning my once barren terrace into an oasis of little succulents and cacti. These hardy, little critters are so easy to care for, and they grow fast too! Our little garden has been growing ever since.



The lighting was beautiful this afternoon. Decided to snap a couple of shots of our babies and share them with you all. It’s nothing special, but I do love the colour green, especially during the ‘golden hours’.


The terrace is still a mess, so I’ll share a photo of that with you when we get some great barbecue weather (and a good cleaning too!). Spring seems to be taking its time this year, it’s only this past week that the weather’s improved. Fingers crossed for some clear, sunny days in the coming months.




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