My Favourite Place

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been such a long time since I’ve written about my travels. Thing is, I haven’t travelled since December/January, so I’m a little short on inspiration at the time being. Also, been working on a few other projects on the side, so my own personal blog has suffered because of this. Anyway, not to worry! Travelling to Slovenia in the next couple of weeks, so I will definitely have some new material for you guys to look through! I will be spending a week there. Landing in Treviso (no direct flights from Malta) and driving to Ljubljana, then all over Slovenia (or as much places as we can fit into 7 days!).

Anyway, I’ve also been quite sick the past week. Had a horrible case of the flu; stuffy nose, hoarse throat, joint pains… The works… I was house bound the past four days because of this! You can image my relief when today turned out nice and sunny, and I finally managed to leave the house and enjoy the beautiful Maltese countryside!

Now, as a lot of you might know, I live in Mellieha. In my opinion, it really is the best part of the island! But I’m biased of course… Lived here 30 years of my 30 year life… Anyway, the reason why I love Mellieha so much is because it’s quieter than the rest of the island. It also has my two favourite things…. Countryside/Nature and the beautiful, beautiful Mediterranean Sea. I know, I know…. Malta’s an island, there’s sea all around the little rock!! But you’d be surprised how difficult getting to the seaside is on this island, especially on a sunny public holiday or Sunday afternoon!!! Traffic!!! ARGH!! That’s why I love living here… The seaside and the countryside are both a couple of minutes away by car…. My favourite place in the world? Qammieħ, or Ras il-Qammieħ/Qammieħ Point as some might know it. It’s located just below the red, Saint Agatha’s Tower, above Mellieħa Bay. I just adore the place. Cliffs, fields of green and yellow, olive and carob trees and our own little patch of paradise.


Decided to share some photos I took of the place with you today…. It’s just a gorgeous location, truly typical of the proper Maltese landscape and climate!







I promise…. I’ll start writing again soon! Hope you enjoy the photos in the mean time! Have a good week! Don’t let the Monday blues get you too depressed tomorrow! 😉



3 thoughts on “My Favourite Place

  1. So interesting Samantha xxx


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