Stunning Slovenia – A Summary

Hello everyone! Finally back on the island after 8 days in beautiful, magical Slovenia and I must say, this understated and peacefully picturesque place has managed to crawl its way up to my top five favourite countries of all time.


I’ve always known it’s pretty… Everyone’s seen the postcard shots of Lake Bled, with its quaint little church island and the fairytale castle hanging off a cliff in the background. But, Slovenia, you are so much more than that aren’t you? A country of rolling green vineyards, moody mysterious mountains, terracotta roofed seaside towns and crystal clear rivers and lakes… With friendly, unassuming locals, a solid and safe infrastructure, and amazingly delicious and authentic (and cheap!) food and wine, what more could a girl ask for!!


Just going to share a quick itinerary on how I spent my days in the country. I know a couple of you had asked me for a layout of how I had planned my trip, so I’m going to give a short summary below for now. Later on I will be sharing more details about my experiences of country of course… But this is just a little taster, to get you excited about the possibility of a trip to Slovenia in the near future! 😉

So, first things first… There are no direct flights from Malta to Slovenia – the next best option? Land in a country close by and drive in… Thats what we did! We landed in Treviso (thanks again Ryanair!) were we had a rental car awaiting us, then drove to Ljubljana, were we spent our next couple of days.


So, our first two nights were spent in Ljubljana… It’s a lovely little city, very easily manoeuvred by foot, with all the main sights being within walking distance from each other.


We then drove to Bled, where we spent another two nights… There’s tons to see around the area. PLEASE DO NOT limit yourself to Lake Bled! Yes it’s beautiful, yessss the church island and castle are very pretty, spend a day there and enjoy these attractions, then get out and do some exploring! The impressive Vintgar Gorge is only a few kilometres away and Lake Bohinij is just as gorgeous, even more breathtaking in my opinion! The Triglav national park is a treasure trove of natural beauty spots and you can even ride a cable car to the top of the Slovenian Alps if you want, to get some bird’s eye shots of the country.










After staying in Bled, we moved towards Postojna, to see the immense underground kingdom that is the Postojna Cave complex… We also got to see the little baby dragons (Olms are baby dragons I tell you!!!) who live in these caves… An exciting treat for an animal lover such as myself! 😀 Make sure to see the Predjama Castle while you’re in the area! It’s only 9 km away and worth going the extra mile to visit.



Onwards we drove towards Lipica to see the handsome Lipizzaners (that only takes a few hours), and then southwest towards the terracotta roofed Piran. A quaint and absolutely adorable fishing village hugging the Adriatic Sea. Eat some seafood, enjoy the salty sea breeze, and indulge in some cheap and delicious house wine, you deserve it!



Speaking of wine… We once again got moving towards our last Slovenian destination the lush and emerald green Vipava Valley… Home to some of Slovenia’s finest wines, and just the most tranquil place you’ll ever visit in the country. I would have loved to spend just another day in this beautiful location, but we had to get back to Treviso, where we spent our last night (as we had an early flight the next morning).


That’s basically it!

  • 2 nights Ljubljana
  • 2 nights Bled
  • 1 night Postojna
  • 1 night Piran
  • 1 night Vipava Valley
  • 1 night Treviso

As I said, I’m definitely going to elaborate further on my Slovenia experience… It really deserved much more than this… But there it is… a basic summary of the places we visited during our stay. Should you rent a car if you can? That’s a definite yes… The roads are easily manageable, fuel is cheap, and driving through Slovenia is really quite a pleasure! That said, do not drive there without Sat Nav (GPS)…

Slovenia is just a stunning place… There’s not better way of saying it really…


Keep an eye on the blog! Will be sharing more trip details and photos in the near future!


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