A Palace Treat

Had the honor of visiting one of Malta’s national treasures today, the official residence of her excellency, Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, President of Malta, San Anton Palace. I’ve decided to share some photos I took during my visit with all of you.

This magnificent building was originally built as a summer residence by the Knight Fra Antoine De Paul at the beginning of the 17th century. On becoming the 13th Grand Master of Malta in 1623, he extended and added on to the original building, also enlarging the gardens around the palace.

Unfortunately, I did not get to explore the gardens due to rainy weather and being short of time. I did, however, get to see most of the lovely rooms around this palatial building, excluding the private living quarters of course.


Works are constantly taking place around the San Anton Palace, in a bid to restore this stunning building to its original splendor. The most recent projects include the addition of a beautiful library dedicated to former president Anton Buttigieg, an impressive dining room, and a piano/music room (amongst others). Whilst the palace is only open to the public on special events (such as an open day held last March), the palace gardens are free to view and a lovely place to spend a morning or afternoon. Also, for those Game of Thrones fans, very prominent scenes from the series’ first season were filmed on location, mostly within the gardens themselves! So if you’re a GoT geek (join the club), San Anton is definitely a must-visit.


A truly lovely experience!

If you’de like more information about this grand building, and the organization behind it’s constant restoration works and preservation, and any events taking place at the San Anton Palace, please visit the link below:



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