“Why do we love sunsets?

I think it’s a moment in which we can actually witness the transformation, the transition from day to night. In ordinary waking states we cannot percieve the passing of the moment. And so this perception, this increased juxtaposition of day and night FORCES us to BE MORE PRESENT; it forces an experience of time dilation that transforms how we percieve the moment. The moment becomes impregnated with a sense of importance, a sense of meaningfulness…”

I didn’t say or write this, Jason Silva did in his amazing Shots of Awe clip which you can listen (and see) for yourself here —>

It’s true though, don’t you think? Sunsets and sunrises are special because they are purely a state of transition from day to night or vice versa… And because of this, this fading moment is made special… Because of its ‘temporariness’ it becomes more meaningful… A fleeting moment of beauty in time… A flash of light and colour in an otherwise fading sky… Beauty in the form of light and colour and moving time…


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