It’s been such a cold and long winter… Today it’s windy again… Cold too. Hard to imagine it’ll be officially springtime in just a week’s time. Today was not such a good day. I’m quite relieved it’s coming to an end.

Yesterday was different. It was a beautiful day. A fresh breeze, beautiful blue, sunny skies, and a hint of that warm, salty sea air lingering on my lips. We went for a short walk in the fields next to my home. Took in some fresh air and absorbed some of that much-needed Vitamin D (I’m pale like a blind cave fish nowadays). Afternoon moments like yesterday’s bring with them a hopeful aura, maybe even a peaceful nostalgia. They remind me of happier, more carefree days which might actually never have been…

Nostalgia is a funny little feeling, isn’t it? It’s just like a selective memory of a particular moment in time which is the closest thing to perfection your soul could identify with. Nostalgia warps memories, it takes away the mundane, the boring, and the mediocre and instills within you a sense of serenity, encapsulated in the safety net that is the past.

I try to remind myself that these ‘nostalgia’ moments happen on a day-to-day basis. You don’t need to plan out extravagant activities to make your life memorable. The older you grow, the more you realize that it’s the ‘little moments’ which stick to the system most.

Life is made up of a series of boring episodes, mundane moments, and mediocre mornings, interrupted by shining little jewels of perfection which just make everything else so much more bearable…

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